About First New Zealand Trip

This is our first family trip in a car hire to New Zealand!

Glenorchy New Zealand

This is our first family trip to New Zealand in a car hire since our one year old Clayton came along. It’s a long wait for a travel bug like me.

Months before the trip, I spent countless hours researching and planning for our itinerary. I checked many websites, travel guides and books. Spoke to lots of friends, locals and relatives.

This website tells you about our experiences as a first-timer in this beautiful country travelling in a rental car.

It covers opinions on:

• Our New Zealand Accommodation (20 different beds in 28 days!)

• Our Favourite New Zealand Restaurants and Cafes

• Our New Zealand Itinerary

• Our New Zealand Holidays and Adventures

You will also find out more on…

• Our reviews on New Zealand accommodations

• Great yummy restaurants/cafes

• Fun things to do in New Zealand (especially if you have small children)

• Baby-friendly places

• Shopping, shopping, shopping

• Popular attractions

• Useful tips (when you travel with a little one)

• Off the beaten path experiences in New Zealand

We will tell you our first encounters and observations in all the places and with different people as we travel in our car hire in New Zealand.

And if you have small children like us, we will share on where are the baby-friendly places and which ones aren’t!

Parents, I’m sure you will agree that this is a great concern when you travel with little kiddos.

So are you planning for your New Zealand holidays? If your answer is yes, you have looked in the right place. If not, the information presented in our website will get you to start thinking! So what is the first thing that comes to your mind when New Zealand is mentioned?

Look at these words. Do they sound familiar?

Sheep, Kiwi fruit, mountains, oceans, alps, picturesque landscape, sunshine, idyllic beaches, blue skies, the All Blacks, silver fern, wine country, ski fields…

New Zealand is a big country that is made up of the North and South Island. And yes, you definitely, definitely need a road map when you hire a car in New Zealand! It has lots to offer to any person, of any budget, from any country, for any age and for whatever length of travel. This is an ideal place to sit back and indulge. It is also a great place to satisfy your adrenaline rush and get active.

Take a New Zealand cruise, hire a car and shop for New Zealand gifst. It’s one place you won’t get bored. There is something for everyone. Anytime. Anyplace. You will find your answers here. We can guide you to some point but the best answer is still to:


So, here we go! Take your time to read about our New Zealand Trip Adventures. And if you have something to add or comment a question or query, please drop us a comment. We love to hear from you. Enjoy.